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Team Roles
We employ 1530 IT talents and our team continues
to grow steadily. Fayrix's headquarters is located in HerzliyaPitu'akh, Israel with 10 R&D centers in Eastern Europe. This distributed geography allows us to employ the best talent from all over the world.
Software Developers
Fayrix proudly employs various-level (junior, middle, senior) Software Developers, who specialize in back-end, front-end and mobile development. Our developers are the first to learn about and adopt new tools and technologies. Their ambition and curiosity drives Fayrix's business development and provides our clients with competitive products.
QA Enginners
Our team pays exceptional attention to quality assurance. Fayrix's QA Specialists and Managers make sure that the developed products represent the highest level of expectations and our clients are happy with the result. Dedication to quality is the key pillar of Fayrix's corporate culture.
Project Managers
We develop and iterate quickly to provide our clients with the fastest time-to-market possible. Our Project Managers control these processes. They keep an eye on deadlines, motivate their teams to achieve goals and make sure that the right tools and approaches are used for particular projects.
UI & UX Designers
These guys love our clients and their end-users the most. Our Designers take care of user comfort and devote themselves to research people's perception of IT products to make sure that what we develop is both aesthetic and functional.
25+ mln people around the globe use Fayrix products daily and those are large-scale projects. Fayrix IT Architects carefully design project infrastructures and build solutions for high-load complex environments. Our architects combine exceptional development and analytical skills.
Fayrix's intelligence is concentrated within the Analysts team. These people make sure that Fayrix delivers well-thought-out superior products. Outstanding attention to detail allows our analysts to identify hidden patterns, analyze them and employ results to continuously enhance our products.
Sales & Account Managers
Fayrix employs strategically-thinking collaborators and masters of negotiation - our Sales and Account Managers. They truly care about the client and at the same time know how to sustain profitable growth and stay ahead of the competition. We owe our global success to these exceptional people.
Technical Writers
Fayrix's Tech Writers have a knack for making complicated IT products simple and clear for end users. On the other hand, they can elaborate technical project documentation under particular state or corporate standards to make sure the project complies with documentation requirements.
Operations & Support Specialists
With over 25 mln users world-wide and a distributed in-house team of 1500+ employees, we need a big Support team. Fayrix has reliable support and caring operations people, who are fluent in a number of languages, including English, German, French, Spanish, Hebrew and Russian.
Competences & Technologies
Our Values
Fayrix is not just a team of IT developers, we are a team of inspired creators and sincere friends. Our corporate culture is built around 3 solid pillars:
Personal responsibility
Dedication to quality
Focus on result
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