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Why E-Learning?

The world of education is no longer limited to physical classrooms only. Thanks to the fast development of e-learning tools, tutors connect with millions of students on the other side of the globe, while custom e-learning development companies are breaking the barriers and reshaping the educational industry.
Top-tier schools, large-scale enterprises and renowned tech-giants are leveraging the power of digital education as well as integrating knowledge management platforms into their operation processes.

With the help of digital learning tools, private educators and business owners reap a ton of e-learning benefits, reducing costs and improving the efficiency of training.
At Fayrix, we provide educational institutions and companies of all scales with custom e-learning development services. Our educational software development services for startups help founders to create and maintain education-oriented e-learning platforms.

Custom e-Learning development services for:

Corporate sector
E-learning helps business owners and HR professionals onboard new hires faster, continuously educate their team, and get employees up to speed on the latest trends and practices. Using online education tools boosts workplace engagement, improves performance, and increases employee retention rates. + Fayrix offers custom e-learning development services for growing companies to help them sustain during business evolution.
Educational sector
Custom software development for growing e-learning companies opens the way for K12, colleges, and short course educators to connect with students, improve knowledge retention, and give learners tools to absorb e-course content at their own pace. E-learning tools can either fully replace or work in line with the traditional educational system to boost its efficiency.
E-Learning startups
Launching an education startup is a great way to leverage the power of contemporary trends in the e-learning field, like flexible education, on-demand content, project-based learning, and gamification. Our e-learning software development company offers support in full-cycle software development for e-learning startup through creating, maintaining, and scaling learning solutions.
Online portals that give access to a vast variety of teaching modules and courses from educational institutions or private teaching providers
School Management
Software (SMS)
Proctoring software
Learning management systems (LMS)
An all-in-one platform that helps private and public educational institutions automate their daily activities, manage student information, curriculum, reporting, admissions, and finances
Software designed to assist schools and private organizations with creation, management, and evaluation of custom made e-learning programs
Digital assistant that aids the examination process, verifies student identity, disables web browsing, monitors tester behavior, creates secure and bias-free testing environment
Learning experience platforms (LXP)
Centralized digital systems that help businesses consolidate diverse learning assets into a single place, in order to structure and speed up on-the-job trainin
e-Learning Apps
Knowledge management systems (KMS)
Integrated knowledge-base platforms built to capture, store, and retrieve information in the form of articles, FAQs, step-by-step guides, and devices documentation
Supportive learning environments that are used to virtually connect tutors and learners where they engage in online courses, interact, collaborate, and share ideas
Educational mobile applications designed to make the learning process flexible and allow tutors access online courses on the go, at any time and any place. Also, skill or language teaching mobile apps are in the highest demand among other custom e-learning solutions for startups.
Ai & ML
empowered solutions
E-learning software that uses Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and predictive analytics technologies to personalize and adapt educational content to skills and learning abilities of individuals

Custom e-Learning solutions

Your custom e-Learning Design and Development Partner
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The only way for an e-learning solution to become successful is to offer relevant functionality that is able to facilitate a continuous learning process. Engineering a product that moves in accordance with the needs of end users and is simple yet innovative enough is what we always strive for at Fayrix.
Education platforms
Deliver e-learning content to students all around the world through a custom-made digital platform. Create courses and tutorials or partner with private tutors and established educational institutions to provide a unique learning experience.
  • Support for multiple content types
  • Content usage dashboards
  • Performance assessments
  • Multilingual capabilities
  • Course creation tools
  • Learner profiles
  • Certifications
School management software
Take the weight off of the administration process within your academic institution. Manage documents, enrollments, assignments, announcements, feedbacks, and complaints, all in a single environment. Use software to reduce operational costs and improve in-school communication.
  • Student & teacher information
  • Profile management (students, parents, teachers, school staff)
  • Chat, email, voice messaging
  • Attendance & timetable management
  • Online assignments
  • Academic calendar
  • Report cards
Learning management systems
Let your company achieve its business objectives with the help of LMS. Improve employee expertise, and required knowledge. Use LMS in your K12 facility to generate tests and manage assignments for your students.
  • Centralized content library
  • Exam engine, branching scenarios
  • Flexible reporting & data tracking
  • Automated alerts & notifications
  • Remote-ready architecture
  • Custom integrations
  • Role management
Proctoring software
Use proctoring solutions to successfully carry out online assessments during a candidate interview and course exams for remote learning in your educational institution. Standardize your supervision process, keep it effective and error-free.
  • Multi-point candidate authentication
  • Live & automated monitoring
  • Exam analytics dashboards
  • Remote invigilation
  • Browser patrolling
  • Image recognition
  • Screen recording
Learning experience platforms
Adopt a custom LXP solution to ensure your company effectively educates its staff. Ensure that your employees get the most effective training and recommendations that will help them upskill and be more productive in their roles.
  • User-generated content support
  • Multimedia library
  • Training reminders
  • KPI dashboards
  • Learning history
  • Auto-reporting
  • Gamification
Virtual classrooms
Rely on Fayrix e-learning development services for startups to create an in-person-like learning environment for students and trainees. Create an in-person-like learning environment for students and trainees. Host classes and webinars remotely without compromising the quality of education. Transform the learning experience you offer, taking student engagement to the next level by using this tool.
  • Role management (teachers, students)
  • Interactive digital whiteboards
  • Audio & video conferencing
  • Learning session archiving
  • Screen sharing
  • Live text chat
  • Teacher tools
Knowledge management systems
Structure all your in-house knowledge and documentation using KMS. Ensure that your employees know where to get all the information they might need in order to facilitate a sales call or process a client inquiry.
  • Cross-device compatibility
  • Multi-language support
  • Third-party integrations
  • Category level security
  • Versioning & rollback
  • Analytics & reports
  • Catalogue builder
e-Learning Apps
Turn users' smartphones into powerful e-learning tools and make education accessible and entertaining. Deliver courses, training programs, tests, and quizzes right into the hands of your users, students or employees via mobile phones.
  • In-app communication
  • Profile management
  • Offline learning mode
  • Drip-feeding content
  • Progress tracking
  • Micro-learning
  • Smart search
Ai & ML Empowered solutions
Transform the online educational process with the help of modern technologies and custom e-learning development services. Collect big data, detect patterns and trends, and forecast outputs more accurately to improve trainee performance and e-learning system ROI.
  • Pattern recognition algorithms
  • Behavior-oriented architecture
  • Natural language processing
  • Course personalization
  • Unsupervised learning
  • 24/7 user support
  • AI chatbots

Technological stack

When partnering with a custom e-learning development company, you want to make sure that their expertise can be trusted, and that it fully matches your domain and project goals. Fayrix offers you a team of more than 1,500 IT programmers, each of whom is not only theoretically but practically experienced in all the latest e-learning software development techniques and programming languages.
We are able to cover a full range of custom e-learning development services — from idea validation to deployment of full-fledged e-learning product using technologies including:

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