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Team scaling and product development can be faster and cheaper than you expect. Build a dedicated offshore development center with Fayrix and get cost-effective and reliable way to build the product of your dream.
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Fayrix ODC benefits

Offshore development center is a physical space or office abroad with a vast tech expert pool that provides its services for a low cost. To put it simply, you have a dedicated team, which is located abroad. Many well-known companies have already built their offshore development centers — for example, Slack, Samsung, Google, and other technology leaders. You might question why it's worth considering an ODC. The most popular answer is — it's profitable. Meanwhile, there are other compelling reasons to set up an offshore development center:
  • Hiring and scaling high-quality software engineers. The full team is formed in 2 weeks after signing a contract.
  • Setting up and polishing to perfection all operational and administrative processes in your software R&D center.
  • Professional training, mentorships, and assessments for developers in our corporate LMS system.
  • Legal support. We undertake full legal security obligations.
How much our teams cost?
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Companies using Fayrix ODC
We've already built fruitful partnerships and gained the trust of Group, MMD Smart, BFROW, SCR, Grupo Bimbo, 40 SIIM, ACTech, Sberbank, S7 Airlines, Biosense Webster and many others.
Your own offshore Research and Development Center with Fayrix
Why choose Fayrix?
Full legal support
We ensure the security of your intellectual property, employees' legal responsibility, developing your HR brand in the chosen country, and the seamless functioning of your research and software development center. We provide 2 basic cooperation models -
BOT and FTE.
Having ODC on the other side of the globe can speed up development process and make your business work 24/7 due to a significant time gap. With Fayrix you can set up your turnkey research and development center in 3 countries. Fayrix R&D centers present in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus, while having HQ in Israel.
The loyal team built on your standards. Fayrix constantly trains your developers so they could achieve professional growth and see perspectives of growth within your ODC. You can apply your KPI and corporate values to your offshore team members. They share your risks and goals.
Experienced and qualified in-house software and app developers are highly-paid across the world. You can save up to 40% on development costs. Fayrix offers the best price-cost-quality ratio around keeping pricing policy transparent.

Fayrix ODC cuts down the cost of infrastructure, operations and time needed for development. We recruit around 20% of the best talent and do it fast. Fayrix provides the best teams across Russia, Israel, and Eastern Europe. We dedicate 2-5 of our in-house developers and hire the rest in 2-3 weeks.
Fayrix team has a well-versed with various technology stacks and versatile development experience to meet your unique business needs. Fayrix does not work with freelancers. We dedicate and hire in-house developers so that they always be on the same page of understanding project and responsibilities.
Сontinuity of work
Cost savings
Expert team
Сustomer first
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We set up your workspace so you'll get a private office for your brand.
You start to work with your offshore team the same way you do with your colleagues at home.
We explore your business issues, vision, culture and build a dedicated team for you.
Before any project we investigate business and technology challenges to form a dedicated team strategy. We believe that regular communication and a transparent working process are essential to successful and effective offshore team management. Our team provides continuous support to help you scale your team.
How it works?
Own offshore R&D center VS. Outsourcing
When you're planning to build your own team of high quality developers, you usually encounter two options – build your own R&D center or outsource development to the software development team. Let's go over both options:
  • R&D center
    • Your offshore developers are as much oriented for product success as you. Deep engagement on every stage.
    • Transparent pricing. There's no way for hidden charges when you control all processes.
    • Your project is one and only priority for your offshore team members.
  • Outsourcing
    • Provider's developers blindly follow your project requirements leaving all risks and product weaknesses for you to deal with.
    • Tricky pricing that is hard to check.
    • Your project is one of the few focuses for vendor's developers.
Dedicated team options
Full-time employees
All team members are fully and exclusively occupied with your project - this is best for software developers, analysts and QA engineers. No recruitment troubles or administrative hassle. We will set up dedicated teams for your projects. You will save the overhead costs as we take care of the management, yet the teams are in constant communication with you.
Target team formation with subsequent relocation to the client side. We create a separate legal unit, manage it for 1-2 years, building all the processes and then transfer it to the client side. This model is appropriate for a growing company planning a market entry. We will build up a team working for you, and transfer the operations to you when you are ready.
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