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Credit scoring prediction based on personality types

Fayrix Machine Learning solution for credit scoring analyses people digital footprints, extracts patterns in their behavior and predicts psychological trait and personality type
Any personality type can be characterised by a number of psychological traits which govern people behavior in different life situations. It is considered that those psychological traits are genetically determined and do not change over the years. However, a person can consciously learn to control their behaviour and personality traits manifestationin the course of socialization and communications with other people to some extent. But innate psychological type will still govern their decision-making. This phenomenon works vice versa: the behavioral analysis of a person based their digital footprints can define their personality type with high accuracy. Fayrix scoring solution utilised these principles and serves to discover personality types for various business needs.

Business applications

Client base segmentation
Marketing communications and advertising campaigns opitimization
Client service optimization - matching client and call center employees personalities
Client financial solvency
Credit scoring for accessing probability of loan default
Automated assessment of candidates for specific positions
Employee resignation estimation and retention measures plan
Employees engagement and development

Methodology of defining type of personality

There are over 20 different methods of defining personality type. Predictive analytics shows good results using OCEAN methodology and evaluates 5 personality traits:


Openness to experience
The accuracy of automated psychological scoring is 94%. Comparable results can be obtained using the MBTI methodology.

Data sources for credit scoring

IT infrastructures of large companies (corporate social media, retail loyalty programs, bank card operations, fiscal data) store large arrays of data on human behavior. AI-based methods and the calculation performance of modern computers enable to analyze these datasets revealing insights about the most probable behavior of a person and/or their personality type.


Deep objective analysis of personality type
Unbiased estimations
Anonymous research
Self-learning and model optimization based on new data
Social scoring (defining personality type based on social media profile)
Minimum number of errors during filling-out and analysis process with no need in long surveys

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