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Leave us a message. We'll get back to you within 1 business day.

Investor deck. Wireframing and prototyping. MVP development. Team augmentation. Digital marketing & PR

What we
Our passion is creating new game-changing products, but we completely understand how complicated it is to manage a large-scale product development which will genuinely win people hearts, especially in case you are a young entrepreneur and can not oversee potential risks involved. We are here to help, mentor and support you. Let's talk!
Creating wireframes and MVP
Minimum Viable Product will help you easier explain your product idea and test important market hypotheses before you invest in a full-featured complicated product development.
Team augmentation
As a startup company, you may already have your IT team driving you to the result, but the further you go, the more complicated tasks need to solve. Fayrix team unites the world's brightest IT talents. Our data scientists are ranked among TOP 100 Kaggle Masters. We pride ourselves on having even a Kaggle Grandmaster in our team!
Further feature development
You might have already started developing your product, but need help going further and qualified audit. Our team of top IT talents will get your back.
Code refactoring
This may be necessary to transform a test version of your project into a full-fledged commercially successful product.
Full-fledged development
We offer end-to-end software development services, including analytics, architecture design, UX/UI design, software devlopment and implementation, QA, deployment, DR-aware hosting. All these - under lean startup methodology
Financial, PR, IR and marketing
Our professional analysts will use comprehensive financial formulas to help you identify how profitable your project can become even before it starts. We will help elaborate product value proposition, create a selling investor deck, as well as support you with our marketing & PR services.
Having been a part of the startup ecosystem for years, Fayrix offers special terms to startup companies allowing them to focus on their goal without worrying about minor details & technical issues.

Our Specials

Special pricing and discounts
As an entrepreneurial company, we support new game-changing ideas and ventures. We automatically apply discounts to our daily rates for new startups' projects. Additionally, we will make regular and accurate project reports to present to your investors for budget control.
Fastest time-to-market
We fully understand the ignition you may have when expecting your product. Our Agile project management approach ensures you get the product and its new features quickly and bug-free.
Fully hosted service
If necessary, we can help you with choosing the right server equipment for your project or deploying it on your behalf in one of the most popular cloud platforms, including Amazon AWS or MS Azure.
Deployment, support and maintenance
We host a multilingual 24/7 available helpdesk team. Depending on the agreed SLA, we usually provide 1 year of free technical maintenance and a break-fix warranty.
Product training and webinars
Before launching any product, we make sure that all parties understand its operational principles. Depending on your preferences, we can arrange offline meetings on your or our site or interactive webinars.
Full IP transfer
You as a customer will retain your rights to any Intellectual Property created during the project and related to your product.
how DO we build
your team?

Depending on the technologies to be utilized, we can build the team with our internal developer resources or hire new developers. In any case here are the review stages, the candidates will have to go through:

  • Preliminary technical coding test;
  • Online interview;
  • Personal live interview.

We encourage our partners to actively take part in the team building process. This will ensure that you can understand motivation of your developers and stay satisfied with team performance and work results.
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Fayrix startup

Project budget estimation based on functional requirements
Spec development
Development roadmap
Wireframing (UX & UI design)
MVP (Minimal Viable Product Development)
Full-fledged product development
Deployment & permanent hosting
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from $6,000
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