Fayrix Successful Projects

At Fayrix we create outstanding solutions for our clients. Here we have collected some of our successful development cases with a brief information about the client, the scope of work and technology used.
Dedicated development team STARTUP
Client: RetentionBack Limited, Ireland, assists main contractors, subcontractors and sole traders to manage and recover retention money that has unduly been withheld by their clients.

Scope: Development of a system to control the relationships between developer companies and construction companies in the sphere of guarantee payments, which is called Retention. Upon completion of construction, the construction company must pay it back.

Technologies: Flutter.
Dedicated development team STARTUP
Client: Mental future, European digital start-up company.

Scope: Development of a media content platform for broadcasting meditation content under subscription model. The solution provides meditation courses via audio, video formats as well as quizes and workbooks.

Technologies: Kotlin, Swift, Vue.
Dedicated development team STARTUP
Client: Bnology, Hong Kong, was founded in 2015 with the mission of changing the landscape in finance and has succeeded spectacularly thus far.

Scope: Fayrix team has developed mobile application for instant trading service delivery from Bnology trading platform. With the help of Alvexo app users are able to manage positions, set their trades, and access global markets when they want from where they want.

Technologies: Kotlin, Swift .
Dedicated development team STARTUP
Client: Bllink, Israel, provides a financial solution for buildings, allowing building management teams to collect money, track and monitor the financial activity of each building.

Scope: Development of a payment system for utility and rent payments. The solution ensures straightforward cooperation workflows, optimizes costs and brings transparency to related business processes.

Technologies: NodeJS, ReactJS.
Dedicated development team STARTUP
Client: Neto Tech, Israel, is an industry-leading Information and Computer Security company, providing futuristic cybersafety proposals to meet the modern-day challenges faced by online businesses.

Scope: Neto Tech company applied with a request to create software for a new international payment system. Fayrix team has developed payment software that supports 100+ payment methods including credit cards, e-wallets and mobile payments.

Technologies: PHP, JS, HTML, CSS.
Dedicated development team
Client: ThetaRay, Israel, is transforming the way financial institutions and payment service providers (PSPs) benefit from data with an AI-based SaaS transaction monitoring solution.

Scope: Development of Artificial Intelligence solution that conducts multi-level monitoring of the IT infrastructure of a company, provides real-time analysis of all actions and notifies system users of all detected suspicious actions.

Technologies: Python Automation QA .
Dedicated development team STARTUP
Client: Musico, USA, company that provides a software platform designed for music teachers to create interactive lessons on the fly or use a growing library of templates.

Scope: Technical support, maintenance and further development of the Musico platform. The platform provides teachers and schools with the unique set of tools to maximize student enjoyment, motivation, and retention.

Technologies: ReactJS.
Dedicated development team STARTUP
Client: 923digital, USA, digital company that building digital ventures from early-stage idea to real working software and helps in scaling.

Scope: Startup development for own Digital Ventures.

Technologies: NodeJS, ReactJS.
Dedicated development team
Client: Binomix LLC, Israel, was created on a basis of the National Research Lobachevsky State University. For now Binomix is engaged in the production of a digital X-ray detector and the development of artificial intelligence programs for processing the results of medical imaging studies.

Scope: Development of the Binomix.connect integration platform that enables automated analysis of medical images based on artificial intelligence. The platform implements continuous improvement of diagnostic parameters through machine learning.

Technologies: Go, Mongo DB.
Dedicated development team
Client: Telesvyaz, one of the leading Eastern Europe engineering companies and system integrators providing the development and implementation of complex telecommunication projects for enterprises and organizations of any size.

Scope: Development of the mobile app for iPad from scratch. The app records the conversation between the manager and the client and automatically sends the data to the company's server for further automatic analysis of the employee's work.

Technologies: Swift, RabbitMQ, Postgre, Java.
Dedicated development team
Client: SCR Diary, Israel, is a global leading developer, manufacturer and marketer of dairy cow monitoring and herd management solutions with 35+ years of experience. SCR has 7 offices across the globe with HQ in Israel.

Scope: Development of the automated cow monitoring platform SenseHub. The SenseHub system designed for a health checking of animals, cow's reproduction, milking statistics and other more.

Technologies: Java, Spring, Angular, Python.
Dedicated development team STARTUP
Client: SkyGuru, USA, is a service that provides anxious passengers with real time explanations what happens right now during their specific flight.

Scope: Development of the mobile app for Android and iOS OS from scratch. SkyGuru employs professional aeronautical information to calculate complicated mathematical and meteorological flight model before the flight. In-flight SkyGuru uses smartphone sensors as triggers confirming different flight stages, thus being able to provide real-time explanation to the user.
Dedicated development team
Client: World top-3 railway company providing continuous railway communication between cities and countries for more than 17 years.

Scope: Fayrix team has implemented a range of mobile services and two mobile applications for iOS and Android OS. The app enables passengers to review long-distance train schedules, select trip parameters and purchase digital tickets directly from their mobile devices.

Technologies: PHP, SWIFT, Kotlin.
Dedicated development team
Client: S7, one the largest private airline in the world, among the top-3 airlines in Eastern Europe, according to the prestigious international Skytrax rating.

Scope: Development of inventory optimization system to collect and analyze data, release assets from low-speed stock positions, create forecast models of the repair and supply divisions of S7 Engineering Department.
Dedicated development team STARTUP
Client: Revoleto, Hong Kong, financial broker for LATAM countries. Implements educational courses for traders around the world.

Scope: Development of the website on Wordpress with own Learning Management System, optimization of the bootstrap based pages. Implementation of the stock price display function in the Assets section.

Technologies: PHP, HTML5, CSS3, WordPress.
Dedicated development team
Client: Citymobil, one of the leading taxi booking services that operates in more than 40 cities of the Europe and continues to expand its geography.

Scope: Development of the forecasting model for all basic taxi service indicators for further forecasts obtained in optimization algorithms. The model takes into account the following indicators: views, orders, trips, as well as their relationships /conversions.
Dedicated development team
Client: Santander Bank, USA, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Spanish Santander Group. It offers a range of financial services and products including retail banking, mortgages, corporate banking, cash management, etc.

Scope: Building a predictive model for determining customers' consumption of bank products in the next month. The model based on social-demographic data of the customers that used one of the 24 bank products over the past 18 months.
Dedicated development team STARTUP
Client: On-demand insurance — is a startup company-aggregator of insurance companies that allows to protect everyday goods.

Scope: At the first stage of cooperation Fayrix team has implemented market research and product concept development. At the second stage Fayrix team has developed MVP application for iOS and Android OS and website on Tilda CMS with payment system integration.
Dedicated development team
Client: Sberbank, is the largest transnational and universal bank in Eastern Europe, Central and Eastern Europe. Sberbank has 96.2 million active private clients and 2.6 million active corporate clients.

Scope: Fayrix team had the task of building a prediction model of the total and individual customers spendings. To solve the problem, an ensemble of models was developed: forecasting time series, linear regression, decision trees.
Dedicated development team
Client: VTB24 Bank, is a commercial bank, specializing in retail operations and lending to small and medium-sized businesses. The bank network had more than 1,062 branches, additional and operational offices.

Scope: Performing technical support and maintenance for VTB24 Bank website. As part of the work a personal account for a mortgage partner of the VTB24 Bank has been developed.
Dedicated development team
Client: Spectrum, Singapore, is a workspace offering a community experience driven by knowledge empowerment and an extensive business alliance to support the growth of tech companies and innovators.

Scope: Building AWS- based project infrastructure and authentication API.
Dedicated development team
Property management for large commercial estate operator
Client: EcoOffice GC, is a property management company, was included in the Forbes rating of "30 largest rentiers" among development companies.

Scope: Supporting the overall IT infrastructure of EcoOffice GC. As part of the work was developed: tenant's personal account, the system of personal accounts for successful internal services functioning. As a result, the document flow between the tenant, the landlord and the company was accelerated.
Machine learning
Recognizing the strongess ECG activations
Client: Biosense Webster, part of the Johnson & Johnson family of companies, Israel.

Scope: Building a model to detect cardiac excitation (hereinafter activation) using neural networks. ML model was trained with a set of 3 566 763 unipolar and bipolar ECG signals to predict ECG strong activation points within a particular selected windows of interest. The result: Over 96% of predicted activations were located within ± 1 ms from actual activation in ECG.
Dedicated development team STARTUP
App & web development for telemedicine startup
Client: Pocket doctor, is a telemedicine startup company providing remote consultations to the patients.

Scope: Detailed product concept development - from market research to the investment development plan formation. Fayrix team has developed an information website for the clients, internal website for employees with a system of personal accounts for each unit, mobile application for iOS and Android OS.
Dedicated development team
Mobile health portal for large european city
Client: Municipality of a big European metropolis.

Scope: Development of a unified medical information and analytical system aimed at improving the quality and accessibility of medical care in public health institutions. The system contains information about the workload of medical institutions, systematizes the work of personnel, speeds up paperwork.
Machine learning
Client: Society for Imaging Informatics in Medicine (SIIM), Spain, is the leading healthcare professional organization, aimed at promoting computer science medical imaging.

Scope: Development machine learning model for identification of the causes of lung collapse and determination of the boundaries of pneumothorax in the pleural region based on chest x-ray. The solution based on the use of convolutional neural networks using Keras and Tensorflow libraries.
Dedicated development team
digital education platform
Client: Municipality of a big European city (NDA).

Scope: Development of the digital educational platform in largest European megapolis. The Platform is an advanced solution to manage the whole cycle of education process at schools. The platform includes 4 key models: education content management system, catering and attendance control system, teaching staff record, eDiary for students.

Technologies: Angular, React, Java.
Machine learning STARTUP
machine learning selection of training materials
Client: Siloam Technologies, Singapore, is a startup company focusing on deploying machine learning and deep learning technologies to transform the educational experience.

Scope: Development of a multi-platform educational application in which learning takes place through quizzes that adapt their complexity to the student level using artificial intelligence. Fayrix team has developed a portal for creating courses, as well as a web client and a mobile training application.
Dedicated development team
smart city platform
Client: Municipalities of Rovolon (Italy), Curitiba (Colombia) и Selangor (Malaysia).

Scope: Development of a cloud smart city platform - Citymatica. The platform enabling municipalities to manage cities in a smart way. UX/UI design. Web-development. iOS & Android app development.
Dedicated development team
Client: MMD Smart, Israel, provide smart communication solutions to organizations of all sizes.

Scope: Building a dedicated outsourced team for the development of MMD Smart's Enterprise SMS Messaging Platform
Dedicated development team
online store of accessories
Client: Sony, is one of the leading manufacturers of electronic products for the consumer and professional markets all over the world.

Scope: Development of the accessories official online store. The application automatically detects the model of the smartphone and offers accessories that fits the best. The app allows to track the status of the order or pre-order if there is no needed product in stock.
Machine learning
search results analytics
Client: Home Depot, USA, is the largest home improvement retailer in US supplying tools, construction products, and services.

Scope: Building a Machine Learning model to increase the relevancy of search results to a search query entered by a user. The entire arsenal of Text Mining techniques has been applied with the determination of the semantic proximity of words and texts and the allocation of semantic clusters. The result: 15% more accurate search results.
Machine learning
predicting demand in food retail
Client: Grupo Bimbo, Mexico, is the worldwide leader in baking with the largest dealer network located in Mexico and the US. The product range consists of over 100 brands represented in 2,5m stores.

Scope: Developing a model predicting product demand at POS's. Fayrix team applied a machine learning algorithm based on statistics for prior periods and expanded statistics on varios combinations (product, group, location etc.) The final model RMSLE metric was 0,4436, which allowed decreasing returns of unsold products by 40%.
Machine learning
predicting demand in fashion industry
Client: Milavitsa, Belarus, is the biggest lingerie producer in Eastern Europe, the company's products are successfully sold in more than 25 countries, has over 10 thousand catalog items.

Scope: Developing a model predicting product demand by dealers relying on history of purchase plans and actual purchases by dealers for 2 years. The data array had a large amount of missing values and no history for some dealers. So Fayrix team built a model based on statistics for similar companies. The result: number of slow-moving items by 150-200% compared to initial dealer orders.
Machine learning
digital lead generation
Client: Epico VIP Travel, specializing in providing services for individual travelling, business tourism, concierge services and business aviation.

Scope: Identification VIP clients by the neural network. Text data scrapping via automated webpage decomposition - extraction of user, location, and hotel features.
Dedicated development team
ar tourist application
Client: Municipality of a big European city (NDA).

Scope: UI/UX mobile app development for iOS and Android OS with the city sightseeing attractions and tours with augmented reality. This is an interactive guide to the sights of the city. It contains descriptions of more than 3000 buildings, monuments, museums, territories and information about 200+ historical figures.
Dedicated development team STARTUP
innovative project management system
Client: ACTech Ltd, Israel, is a startup company that undertakes design, installation, maintenance and service of electronic and pneumatic equipment, automation and control systems for ships and industries, in Greece and abroad.

Scope: Dedicated development team formation for developing an innovative project management system (ACTECH) for tracking key points, monitoring execution and automating the work of contractors.

Technologies: JavaScript, NodeJS, Angular, TypeScript, DHTMLX.
Machine learning
Client: Severstal, is a vertically integrated steel and steel-related mining company in Eastern Europe.

Scope: Development of a mashine learning model for detection and classification of defects (production defects) on the surface of a steel sheet. The solution was based on the use of convolutional neural networks using the Keras, Tensorflow and PyTorch libraries.
Machine learning
optimization of the flight plan
Client: General Electric, is a diversified corporation that manufactures many types of equipment, including power plants (including nuclear reactors ), gas turbines, aircraft engines, etc.

Scope: Developing the algorithms for constructing the optimal flight route that will minimize fuel consumption for current weather conditions, while avoiding delays in the arrival of the aircraft. The model combines dynamic programming methods (wind data) and a local search method for optimizing the flight plan.
Dedicated development team
Energy consumption metering platform
Client: Municipality of a big European city (NDA).

Scope: Development of a city energy consumption metering platform which ensures the synchronization of data on consumed resources between city authorities and energy supplying organizations.
Dedicated development team STARTUP
Media and social networks monitoring system
Client: Startup company (NDA).

Scope: Creating a system for real time monitoring and analysis of media publications. Based on a search query, it allows the user to provide various types of aggregated reports for analyzing various aspects of the information flow.
Dedicated development team
Client: Municipality of a big European city (NDA).

Scope: Development of a hardware and software complex, which consist of mobile device and preinstalled customized software enabling to automate inspector activity within administrative practice. Internal databases integration. iPad app development.
Dedicated development team
corporate applications
Client: Sibur, is one the largest integrated petrochemicals company in Eastern Europe. SIBUR's petrochemicals business utilises mainly own feedstock, which is produced by the Midstream segment using by-products purchased from oil and gas companies.

Scope: Creating a system for real time monitoring and analysis of media publications. Based on a search query, it allows the user to provide various types of aggregated reports for analyzing various aspects of the information flow.
Dedicated development team
Client: EKON Modeling Software Systems Ltd, Israel, is a dynamic software product development and projects firm working on leading edge collaborative knowledge management technology projects.

Scope: Angular front-end development of the DKM platform.
Dedicated development team
Client: Bio-Nexus, Israel. While originally aiming to help emergency paramedics, today the company provides process digitization, control, and management solutions to the medical, aviation, military, and industry sectors.

Scope: Development of Bio-Nexus the core technology for web and mobile.
Dedicated development team
Client: Elbert, Nazaretsky, Rakov & Co., Law Offices and Notary, ISRAEL

Scope: October CMS update, Lavarel phramework and PHP update, Maxmind geoIP service integration, Mailchimp integration and email templates set-up.
Dedicated development team
Client: Eshine, USA

Scope: Development and maintenance of the online store of deluxe LED lightning panels.
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