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Leave us a message. We'll get back to you within 1 business day.

Fayrix Digital Education Platform

Transforms plain educational process into a fascinating student journey!
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Quality control of education through
e-diary system
Increasing children's involvement into the learning process
Improving the efficiency of educational management
Increasing parents' involvment into the educational process
Taking education to the next level with interactive contents
Reducing costs with paperless document management
Forecasting students' performance and attendance
Multiplatform solution: web, iOS, Android
Fayrix Digital Education Platform is an advanced solution to manage the whole cycle of education process at schools. The platform includes 4 key models:
1. Education content management system.
2. Catering and attendance control system.
3. Teaching staff record.
4. eDiary for students.

Fayrix Digital Education Platform has made paper versions of curricula and gradebooks completely obsolete!

key features

E-diary is designed to manage the whole cycle of education process at school - development of curriculum, yearly class schedule, keeping students' gradebooks .
Curriculum planning
Yearly academic schedule
Class record book
Student's Gradebook
Student Record System
Available for parents and students in personal account


key features

The platform provides schools with access to the best educational content, as well as the tools to create and distribute their own educational materials.

Library of educational content
Marketplace of education contents (business opportunities for publishers).
API for quick integration with existing systems of e-diaries
Virtual labs to study specific aspects of the subject with hands-on approach
Variety types of educational content: video, AR/VR etc.
Tools for teachers to create and share lesson plans

key features

The system is designed to automate collection, storing and analysis of information about students from different education institutions: from pre-school to public schools and tertiary education organizations.
Evaluations and achievements throughout the entire period of studies
Health data, medical constrains
Control of financing of educational institutions
Monitoring and analytics of availability of educational resources
Automatic distribution of children among institutions, taking into account various factors
Ratings and achievements throughout the study period

key features

School attendance control is implemented through synchronization with a student's electronic pass. Support of lesson-by-lesson attendance marks. Catering control is linked with parents' account through child's credit card.

Cashless payments
Built-in analytics and monitoring tools
Integration with external billing systems
SMS and push-notifications to parents when their child enters and leaves school
Parents' access to view catering card balance and child's diet
Cross-platform (iOS, Android, web-application, desktop)

Fayrix DIGITAL EDUCATION PLATFORM allows to keep pace with the times and bring education process to a new digital level. Interested? Request quotation now!