Wireframing and Prototyping Services for Startups

Fayrix wireframe & prototyping services for startups help to facilitate and speed up the development time. Our interface development services allow you to get an MVP just in a short time and be ready to show your investors the full potential of your startup.

Fayrix wireframe and prototype
development services for startups

We have 10 years of experience in the startup ecosystem and know how to become successful based on our own experience. In prototyping development, our team uses techniques that allow making quick iteration cycles, creating and testing wireframes faster. We use prototyping as a powerful tool that helps bring the development stage closer and show your investors the seriousness of the approach.
At the interface development stage, we apply all our expertise and provide related wireframing activities:
WEB and mobile-first design
User research and analysis
UX/UI design
Customer journey mapping & user flows
Consulting and testing services

Benefits of using wireframing and prototyping services for a startup

Wireframing and prototyping services are the guides that capable of bringing your thoughts and imagination to a visual form. They help finalize the layout structure, interface elements, navigational flow, user journey, and usability of the application based on the business requirements.

Fayrix team has deployed many successful projects by providing wireframe and prototyping services. We can greatly simplify and facilitate your workflow and help to:

Cut down overall time spent
Show investors how clear the idea of your startup is
Reduce overall development cost to 70%
Make a prototype of the product the way your team wants
Boost the execution and gain a competitive advantage
Gather documents with each detail of the startup
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What's besides wireframing and prototyping for small businesses?

If you choose Fayrix, wireframing &prototyping for startups is not the only service you get. We are highly experienced at design, software development and consulting, and ready to share our knowledge with you.
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Why choose Fayrix

We strive hard to support you at every step with a professional approach. As UI/UX design agency for startups, we will become your team members, mentors, reliable partners, and share our design experience with you.

Fayrix DevOps, as a service provider for startups, have a startup-centric team that shares our clients' ideas and vision.
We want you to have direct feedback about the product. Clear communication is a key solution to reduce work time and be on the same wavelength.
We guarantee to build top-quality products within all requirements. Our expertise is confirmed by clients' testimonials and multiple Clutch awards
We know your budget may be tightened and offer you affordable, budget-friendly, and innovative solutions that will help you grow more costs.
High quality
Professionals with relevant experience
Full transparency
Cost-effective development
As a UI design agency for small businesses and medium-sized enterprises, we explore your business to form a special team strategy.
Using the research data and requirements to make low-fidelity wireframes and draft clickable prototypes, getting ready for the initial review.
After the design concept is ready, we do a final test of the digital prototype and passing it to you for further iteration and delivery.
Process of developing
At Fayrix, we can not only make UI & UX design, wireframing & prototyping but also provide development, testing, and consulting services.
Full-time employees
All team members are fully and exclusively occupied with your project - this is best for software developers, analysts, and QA engineers. You will face no recruitment troubles or administrative hassle.
Time & Materials
Part-time team members, such as DevOps, designers, or data analysts. For customers who need to extend the existing production team & intensify project implementation at a reasonable price.
Target team formation with subsequent relocation to the client-side. We create a separate legal unit, manage it, build all the processes, and then transfer it to the client side.

Cooperation models
Every project that is looking for their UI/UX design company for startups varies from others, so we have several formats to choose from. Hire our designers and developers' team relying on the size and requirements of your project, budget, and cooperation length.

Our technologies

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