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Mobile App
Development Services

Native and hybrid apps for iOS and Android phones and tabs
The following important aspects define the success of any mobile development: UI an UX design, building the architecture, programming and launching the product to the app stores with quality marketing and channeling support.
UX and UI Design
Fayrix pays great attention to mobile app UX and further UI design. Well-thought-out UX design comprises 80% of any mobile product success, which is further covered in a nice UI design. We typically use Balsamiq and Mindnote to design UX and Sketch for creating cros-platform UI design. To ensure smooth cooperation between designers and developers we usually utilize Zeplin service.
Architecture Design & Programming
The solid ground for smooth product work and its maximum performance is the right architecture. We pay much attention to designing the right architecture for large-scale and high-load mobile services.
In regard to the development technologies, we typically develop native apps. For iOS we work with Swift or Objective-C, with Java, C++ or Kotlin for Android and C# for Windows Phone. Native apps are usually the best option for large-scale and innovative products, they are optimised, light-weight and fast. However, in order to make the development faster and cheaper we develop hybrid app on React Native or similar cross-platform technologies.
Besides, following our long-term mobile development experience, we created our own Mobile Services Platform. The use of this platform accelerates the mobile development process, makes it cost-effective and as simple as building a lego toy.

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Marketing & Channeling
The final stage of a mobile product development is launching it to the App Store or Google Play Store. We will assist you with creating the App Store and Google accounts, uploading the app and making ASO: we will draft a a selling product description, create an outstandingly attractive icon, find the right key words and the App Store category. Upon your request we can assist you with further digital marketing and PR activities.
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Fayrix proprietary
Mobile workplaces for remote and field staff of various industries: lawyers, merchandisers, road police, city inspectors, insurance agents etc.
A straight-forward solution to manage a fleet of corporate mobile devices. Includes digital signature, antivirus, protective cases, mobile payment terminals.
The environment, which makes the mobile and web development process as easy as assembling a lego toy.
Better engagement with customers
Mobile apps are far more interactive and can be integrated with the device's built-in features
Better customer
Unlike browser bookmarks, apps always stay on the front of a home screen which creates more visibility for your product and brand
Improved customer experience
Mobile apps offer faster access in just one step of tapping on the app icon with no need to open a web browser and typing in a URL
Greater audience reach
With a mobile app you'll get an exposure to such huge platforms as the App Store, Google Play and Microsoft Store
Our mobile
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