UI/UX Design Services for Startups

Design is what can help you implement your vision and showcase your products to generate greater profit.

At Fayrix, we can help you display bright positioning in the design concept and deliver higher customer satisfaction with our UI/UX design services. We work on intelligent digital products for businesses and enterprises, build brand strategies, websites, apps, and other software.

Fayrix Design Approaches

Design is an important digital product. Our user interface design company for startups is the best choice to make design on the top-level in an affordable way.

Our design approaches are based on such principles:

  • Deep understanding of user needs
  • Expertise that perfectly matches your demand
  • Team ofexperts inyour niche assigned to your project only
  • Expertise that perfectly matches your demand
  • Become a part of your internal team
  • Build long-term relationships in design and development services
  • Deliver polished designs and code to make a positive business impact
We guarantee you will enjoy our design &development partnership!

Fayrix UI/UX design services for startups

Mobile app design
We use innovative toolkits of mobile design development and focus on delighting your users with beautiful built-in widgets, rich motion APIs, smooth natural scrolling, and platform awareness.
Web design
Enterprise UX
Our web designers and developers create responsive websitesby strategically blending user experience and brand storytelling.
Enterprise administrative panel design, in our opinion, deserves user‑friendliness as best‑in‑class consumer apps do. We transform enterprise systems' designs to deliver

CPM & ERP design
We can transform your CPM and ERP systems by focusing on the user experience: make convenient charts with business processes and tools for cleansing, creating, and modifying data.
Data visualizations and dashboards design
Our specialists follow UX design principles and data visualization best practices to display data and information into convenient, viewable way to facilitate users' insights.
We can redesign an existing app using innovation capabilities that can be taken to market quickly in a scalable way. We focus on the Strategy & Vision and will help you create the right impression.

Why choose Fayrix

We strive hard to support you at every step with a professional approach. As UI/UX design agency for startups, we will become your team members, mentors, reliable partners, and share our design experience with you.

Fayrix DevOps, as a service provider for startups, have a startup-centric team that shares our clients' ideas and vision.
We want you to have direct feedback about the product. Clear communication is a key solution to reduce work time and be on the same wavelength.
We guarantee to build top-quality products within all requirements. Our expertise is confirmed by clients' testimonials and multiple Clutch awards
We know your budget may be tightened and offer you affordable, budget-friendly, and innovative solutions that will help you grow more costs.
High quality
Professionals with relevant experience
Full transparency
Cost-effective development
Fayrix Case Studies
Dedicated development team
Mobile apps for iOS and Android
Dedicated development team
UX/UI design. Web-development. iOS & Android development.
Dedicated development team
UX/UI design. Web-development. iOS & Android development.
UI/UX audit
As a company that builds prototypes for startups, we do market research and develop a picture of your target audience with ICPs.
Analyzing opportunities, accessibility, and competitors. Combining engaging UI elements to create an agile experience.
According to all requirements, we make wireframes and drafts of clickable prototypes.
Design launch
Visual concept and style application
Front-end support
Applying a visual concept approved on the previous stage. Adding animation and supervising quality. Giving high-fidelity clickable prototype on the final approval.
After final approval, we give you the flashy product, including the library of UI elements, recommendations for the development team, and other branded details and elements. In addition, our developers can help you to implement a new design before launch.
At Fayrix you will get design services, design implementation, developers' expertise, maintenance and support under one umbrella. We are ready to take on all your technical issues if needed.
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Full-time employees
All team members are fully and exclusively occupied with your project - this is best for software developers, analysts, and QA engineers. You will face no recruitment troubles or administrative hassle.
Time & Materials
Part-time team members, such as DevOps, designers, or data analysts. For customers who need to extend the existing production team & intensify project implementation at a reasonable price.
Target team formation with subsequent relocation to the client-side. We create a separate legal unit, manage it, build all the processes, and then transfer it to the client side.

Cooperation models
Every project that is looking for their UI/UX design company for startups varies from others, so we have several formats to choose from. Hire our designers and developers' team relying on the size and requirements of your project, budget, and cooperation length.
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