Devops as a Service for Startup

Fayrix is a professional DevOps consulting company for startups that will work on all related tasks, management, and system maintenance, allowing your developers to be focused on the product improvements and delivering new features.

Initiate your DevOps transformation journey.

Benefits of DevOps services for a startup

Fayrix DevOps engineers ensure you with development process automation and facilitate continuous integration across your cloud platforms. We also establish efficient development processes for rising companies with DevOps consulting services for small businesses.
Accelerate product time to market
DevOps services for startups can increase your business agility and fasten communication & interaction processes among all departments of your company.
Decrease Overall Project Costs
The automated models help swiftly fix bugs, and alert and monitor systems. DevOps services help make things up faster and reduce project costs.
Faster innovation adoption
DevOps helps fasten response to market changes and build a deployment cycle. This guarantees ability to keep up with the times and be more flexible to the market fluctuations.
Reduced downtime and failures
Automated services make zero-downtime deployments and incidents management. Your developers can be focused on creative work, not issues.
DevOps help integrate security from the very beginning. It guarantees continuous processing of security updates, logging, and infrastructure change monitoring.
Increase in product quality
Testing of DevOps efficiently is shown in more than 15 KPI metrics. This is a continuous process that allows making product enhancement processes a part of a daily routine.

Fayrix DevOps solutions and services for growing companies

Fayrix provides DevOps testing as a service for startups of any complexity. Our engineers work to accelerate delivery, improve software quality, and reduce the costs for your growing business.
Choose your own DevOps professional services for SME and receive high-quality software-based products and consulting.
DevOps in cloud
We provide businesses with cloud architecture design, readiness assessment, and migration services. Moreover, we can consult you onany features and management of cloud services.
Microservices and Serverless
DevOps as a Service Implementation
DevOps Consulting Services
Fayrix DevOps serverless and microservices include consulting, maintenance, and architecture design.
Our DevOps consulting professionals will help you estimate costs, recommend an appropriate toolchain, and answer all questions for your particular business project.
Infrastructure as code
We provide infrastructure automation, can help with infrastructure in cloud implementation and implementation as code on-prem
Log management and monitoring
Container orchestration
Our engineers will help deliver quality applications and code to users with Continuous integration (CI)& Continuous delivery (CD) development and consulting services
We can build container orchestration services, harden security and consult you on deploying and managing hundreds of containers in your enterprise
Fayrix specialists can implement specialized DevOps services or develop them for you from scratch. We can do everything, from data virtualization to 24/7 tracking tools.
Fayrix developers can help you handle log events and setup monitoring, reporting, alerting processes, to use the data for troubleshooting and gaining insights.

More Fayrix services

Case studies
Take a look at some of our recently developed products. All listed cases are appreciated by our clients. We design, develop and do branding for our customers.
Machine learning
Development of the integration platform that enables automated analysis of medical images based on artificial intelligence.
Dedicated development team
Building a predictive model for determining customers' consumption of bank products in the next month.
Dedicated development team
Development of a cloud smart city platform. The platform enables municipalities to manage cities in a smart way.

Why choose Fayrix

Fayrix DevOps, as a service provider for startups, have a startup-centric team that shares our clients' ideas and vision.
We want you to have direct feedback about the product. Clear communication is a key solution to reduce work time and be on the same wavelength.
We guarantee to build top-quality products within all requirements. Our expertise is confirmed by clients' testimonials and multiple Clutch awards
We know your budget may be tightened and offer you affordable, budget-friendly, and innovative solutions that will help you grow more costs.
High quality
Professionals with relevant experience
Full transparency
Cost-effective development
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