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Leave us a message. We'll get back to you within 1 business day.

Recommender System powered by Machine Learning

Fayrix Machine Learning solution features our proprietary recommender engine to create a personalized product offering and customer experience
Create a customised list of recommended product for each client bases on their interests and profile
Offer additional discount for bundle purchases (cross-selling)
Notify clients about new products (up-selling)
Segment client base and define target audience
Collect client feedback on products and services
Displaying and presenting relevant product recommendation on a website, at office, during a call to the contact center (+60% conversion growth)
Customized package (promo) product offering
Selecting optimal client communication time slots
Marketing campaigns optimization
Defining optimal communication channel
Narrowing target audience and decreasing the number of marketing campaigns by 5-10 times

Methods of MAKING product

Product Hierarchy
You bought a printer, you would probably need an ink cartridge.
Recommendations based on product features
If you like action movies with Clint Eastwood, you will probably like "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly" on Netflix.
Collaborative filtering
  • Based on product similarity: searching for products similar to the ones you like. For example, if you like "The Godfather", you will also like "Scarface"
  • Based on customer similarity: searching for similar users and recommended products they like. For example, people like you buy diapers with a bottle of beer. So if you buy some beer, you will probably need diapers as well (Target case)
Recommendations based on models
Support vector machine learning, linear discriminant analysis, singular value decomposition for implicit functions.
Social and interest graph
Based on trust and social interactions between people. For example, if your friends like Lagy Gaga, you will probably like her as well. (used by Facebook and LinkedIn)
Hybrid methods
Combining any of the above-mentioned methods


of watched movies are recommended
CTR increase with recommended content
of orders contain recommended products

for the recommender engine

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