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Fayrix Big Data Platform

Solid ground to collect, process and analyse enterprise data
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of the Platform
Fayrix Big Data Platform helps to utilize large enterprise arrays of data for building meaningful analytical reports and forecasting future events.
30+ connectors with enterprise data warehouses and cell carriers
Machine learning for building forecasts
Flexible building of analytical dashboards
Excellent performance for highly loaded systems
Wide visualization capabilities
Automated data validation and cleansing

Fayrix Big Data Platform has a number of universal connectors to be easily integrated with both internal and external data bases: corporate CRM, ERP, telemetry, security, accounting, task management and IT monitoring systems.


Sales & demand prediction
Warehouse optimization
Supply chain optimization
Fraud detection
Preventing customer churn
Client base segmentation
Faults prediction for preventive technical maintenance
Onmichannel analytics
There are 2 sources of Competitive Advantage:
1. Learn about your customers faster than your competitors
2. Put that learning into practice faster than your competitors
— Jack Welsh, GE Capital

Fayrix BIG DATA PLATFORM will help collect, analyse and interpret valuable insights about your clients to grow your competitive advantages.
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