Fayrix Digital Health Platform

24/7 online consulting with a doctor through secure and private chats


Savings on financial losses due to epidemics
Reducing the duration of hospital periods
Monitoring and analysis of user's health data
Professional recommendations for improving health
User access to quality healthcare resources
Reducing the cost of voluntary medical insurance

Other Fayrix digital health platform solutions

Digital health navigation platform:

Connect healthcare workers with those who need their guidance within one online health platform.
Digital health monitoring platform:

Monitor, analyse and act in time on received patient's data. It can be a stand-alone solution or implemented on existing digital health platforms.
    Fayrix Digital Health Platform main goal is to implement preventive health diagnostics and reduce the risk of diseases due to the accumulation of the users' health data.

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    Personal patient profile is an electronic document that contains all the information about a person's health. The data can be added to the records by either the attending physician or the patient himself.
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      Personal patient profile
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      Doctor workplace
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      Interfaces for partners
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      analytics and recommendations
    The platform is implemented in the format of a mobile application for users and a web office for doctors and company management.
    Personal patient profile is an electronic document that contains all the information about a person's health. The data can be added to the records by either the attending physician or the patient himself.
    Contact information
    Basic health information (completed by the user)
    Diagnostics and test results
    Health diaries – vital signs records
    Medical history (completed and processed by a specialist)

    Doctor workplace
    key features

    The doctor workplace provides safe access to the personal patient profile. It powers doctor's work routine with additional useful services. The workplace optimizes medical staff work and improves their performance and overall quality of medical services.
    Access to the patient's medical record:
    • Full access to the medical history.
    • Diagnostics and test results.
    • Planning the treatment course.
    • Control of the treatment and carrying out recommendations.
    Remote medical support:
    • Online chat with the patient (text chat, voice chat or video chat).
    • Refinement of medical recommendations based on the test results.
    • Drug orders, medical certificates.
    • Medical referrals.
    • Sick leaves.
    Support information:
    • State Register of Drugs.
    • Medical reference books.
    • International classification of diseases-10th revision.

    for partners
    key features

    The module contains interfaces for partners that provide a secure exchange of information. The interfaces can be implemented both in the API format (for automatic exchange) and in the form of personal accounts for partner representatives.
    • Integration with the online appointment system to make appointments directly from the mobile app.
    • A doctor gets access to the information of the user who made an appointment.
    • Targeted offers for users (for example, a special offer on particular types of examinations, procedures, etc.)
    Insurance companies:
    • Access user data who has signed up (or wishing to be signed up) for voluntary health insurance can be used in scoring models.
    • Targeted offers for users.
    • Uploading test results into the patient's medical record.
    • Targeted offers for users .
    • Getting doctor's / clinics referrals for tests.
    Pharmaceutical companies:
    • Targeted offers for users.
    • Statistics for prescriptions / medications.

    Analytics and recommendations
    key features

    As a rule, the majority of patients seek medical help when symptoms start to bother them somehow. The module offers a tool that can automatically provide relevant recommendations based on the analysis of the patient's medical records.
    Routine examinations:
    • Tests to clarify health status.
    • Doctor's appointment.
    • Health diary (weight, blood pressure, health status).
    • Nutritional recommendations.
    • Physical activity recommendations.
    • Early diagnosis and disease prevention.
    • Improved self-understanding of the health status.
    • Professional recommendations, rather than self medication.


    • Calendar reminders.
    • An article in the handbook/ entry in the medical records.
    • Suggestion for making an appointment with the doctor or for examination/testing.
    • Checklist (health plan).

    Fayrix DIGITAL HEALTH PLATFORM unites patients, doctors, clinics, labs, insurance companies and business owners in a convenient digital environment. Interested? Request quotation now!