IT Project Management Services for Startups

Project management outsourcing for startups helps to set clear and concise goals. It is not an easy but necessary process, in which our specialists can help you to set milestones for the success of your growing business.

Fayrix outsourcing project management for startup

Our team is capable to handle any outsourcing project management services for startups. Having been a part of the startup ecosystem for over a decade, now Fayrix provides reliable services to grow your business's potential and help you to benefit.
Virtual dedicated development team
We can help you to hire top IT talents and build your remote dedicated team. We minimized risks associated with hiring: filtered thousands of specialists and made a base with top engineers. This helps us to reduce time and money expenses and give you full-time team members dedicated to your project. Hire dedicated project management and any qualified development team squad.
End-to-end development for startups
We provide you with a fully functional software development team that will help you to solve all basic straggles. We know how to manage and develop products from the scratch and can provide you with professional services, high-quality engineers and do our best within your requirements and budget.
Building own offshore R&D Center
We can build a dedicated offshore development center and make the product of your dream faster and cheaper than you expect. ODC is a really profitable working model, and we can help you to hire and scale high-quality software engineers just in 2 weeks. We at Fayrix will set up and polish all operational and administrative processes in your software R&D center.
Expert team
Fayrix team has a well-versed with various technology stacks and versatile development experience to meet your unique business needs.
Cost savings
Сustomer first
Fayrix offers the best price-cost-quality ratio around keeping pricing policy transparent. You can save up to 40% on development costs.
The loyal team built on your standards. Fayrix constantly trains your developers so they could achieve professional growth and see perspectives of growth within your startup.
Scrum helps us to work on a project as on sprint. Breaking it into detailed tasks helps to facilitate workflow control. In this way, we increase the team's accountability and reduce expenses.
Kanban gives us flexibility and helps us to stay focused on the prioritized tasks even when there are a lot of changes. This agile approach help to shorten the time cycles of each process.

Principles and methodologies we use
In the IT project management services for startups, we strictly follow the values that help us build productive partnerships with clients.
Project management methodologies
Our work in Fayrix is built on Agile practices that help us to be more productive, provide early delivery, and efficiently improve development workflow.
How much our teams cost?
Send your request and we'll send you actual Fayrix rates within 1 business day.

Why Fayrix: competencies, options, and workflow

Our team scaling and project management services for startup can help you easily translate any idea into a tangible product. We have management and developers' experience in more than 10 spheres. A decade of being in the startup ecosystem made us confident players in the market and allows us to provide project management as a service on a high level.

Code refactoring & support
It may be necessary to transform the first version of your product into its fully-fledged, scalable and commercially successful counterpart - we are here to help. Also we provide managed support services for our startup clients, including multilingual 24/7 helpdesk groups.
Financial & IR consulting
Our professional analysts are able to ensure the profitability of your product, all before the launch date. We'll help you to elaborate on your value proposition, create an investor deck and we'll also provide you with practical marketing and PR services if need be.


We explore your business issues, vision, culture and build a dedicated team for you.
We set up your workspace, so you'll get a private office for your brand.
You start to work with your offshore team the same way you do with your colleagues at home.
Full-time employees
All team members are fully and exclusively occupied with your project - this is best for software developers, analysts, and QA engineers. No recruitment troubles or administrative hassle. We will set up dedicated teams for your projects. You will save the overhead costs as we take care of the management, yet the teams are in constant communication with you

Target team formation with subsequent relocation to the client side. We create a separate legal unit, manage it for 1-2 years, building all the processes, and then transfer it to the client side. This model is appropriate for a growing company planning a market entry. We will build up a team working for you, and transfer the operations to you when you are ready.

We at Fayrix provide you with a professional offshore Research and Development Center. The benefit of R&D center team is that your developers will be deeply engaged and as much oriented for product success as you.

In the project management team for startup, we provide two dedicated team options:

Our technologies

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