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Leave us a message. We'll get back to you within 1 business day.

Fayrix Real Estate & Property Management Software

Affordable property management software solutions for community assosiations, property management and development companies.
Fayrix offers a wide range of complex software and harware IoT solutions targeted at real estate developers, property management and utility service companies and community associations. The solutions ensure straightforward cooperation workflows, optimize costs and bring transparency to related business procceses. The main features include online service requests creation, payment of bills, utility meter readings submission & utility consumption management, lighting management, ventilation management and Big Data services related to preventive maintenance and operations optimization based on Machine Learning.

Request demo of Fayrix solutions for property management right now if you want to:

Build new revenue flows from acting as a centralized residential maintenance service provider
Be green and save on electricity bills due to smart utility, lighting and ventilation management
Increase quality and transparency of residential services
Build strong image and attract new tenants and residents

Increase resident satisfaction and loyalty with collected feedback
Save on business processes optimization and their digitalization
Save on resource consumption with timely detection of pipe and wire ruptures
Get a new solid competitive advantage to increase sales of your real estate

Fayrix Solutions for

Fayrix Resident

Fayrix Resident includes a Web portal, iOS and Android mobile apps for residents to instantly access all sorts of maintenance services. Fayrix Resident makes local life more comfortable and brings additional value compared to regular apartment rent or purchase.

Key features of Fayrix Resident:
  • Online utility bills payment
  • Instant submission of maintainance service requests with status tracking and feedback collection
  • Parking booking and payments
  • Community association chat for local residents to stay in touch
  • Resident polls and research
  • Community news alerts
  • Centralized storage of community documents with sharing options
  • Community engagement dashboard for property managers and housing authorities
  • Service providers dashboard to manage their performance and service quality.

    Fayrix Tenant

    Fayrix Tenant is a covenient online space for tenant and property owners communications and collaboration.

    Key features of Fayrix Tenant:
    • Booking house amenities
    • Rent calculator
    • Request for facility services, e.g. parking, cleaning, catering, etc.
    • Centralized official document storage
    • Online payment of rent bills
    • Online booking and payment of utility service bills (e.g. heating, electricity, water, gas, etc.)
    • Submitting & processing tenants' feedback
    • Tenant satisfaction surveys
    • Built-in marketing campaigns for tenants.

      Fayrix Metering

      Fayrix Metering is an all-round IoT solution designed for accounting and remote management of utilities consumption: hot and cold water supply, central heating, gas, compressed air.

      Key features:
      •Real-time metering device management
      •Automatic meters reading, processing and consumption calculations
      •Consumed resources quality control
      •Contract management
      •Detecting and solving incidents on the facilities
      •Planning maintenance and supervision of repair teams
      •Analytical dashboard for executives.

      Fayrix Lighting Management

      Fayrix Lighting Management is a complex IoT solution, which collects and processes data from multiple lighting sensors for internal and external lighting management. Key benefits include instant notification of power outages and direct savings on electricity.

      Key features:
      • Power quality control
      • Remote wire break detection
      • Remote lighting control for recreation areas
      • Remote control for line breakage and short circuits
      • Double control via CCTV cameras
      • Security and fire alarms
      • Remote control for dynamic architectural lighting installations
      • Remote troubleshooting
      • Analytical dashboard for executives.

        Fayrix Ventilation Management

        Fayrix in-house ventilation management solution allows remote management and monitoring of building ventilation cycles. Key benefits of integration include ensuring optimal air conditions for building residents and direct savings on powering ventilation equipment.

        Key features:
        • Setting optimal ventilation mode for buildings
        • Air quality control
        • Instant fire alarm
        • Remote ventilation faults detection
        • Remote troubleshooting
        • Analytical dashboard for executives.

          Fayrix Inspector

          Fayrix Inspector is a mobile solution for Android tablets to automate the daily routines of housing inspectors. The solution increases staff performance and makes their work more transparent for managers.

          Key features:
          • Creating cases to fix housing issues with photo and video attachment
          • Cases status tracking
          • Service companies login to work and report on open cases
          • Direct mobile access to legal documentation
          • Online payment processing
          • Staff geolocation tracking
          • Analytical dashboards to evaluate staff performance and service quality.

            Fayrix Big Data Services

            Fayrix offers a wide range of Data Science services for real estate construction and development companies, including:
            • Preventive maintenance and faults prediction
            • Transport routes optimization
            • Computer vision & image recognition
            • Demand prediction and warehouse optimization
            • Sales prediction.
            Affordable Fayrix software solutions for real estate and property management will help create added value for your product, build new revenue flows and win customers' loyalty. Request demo right now!