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HR Analytics powered by Machine Learning

Fayrix Machine Learning solution facilitates efficient human resource management with automated CVs processing and employees resignation prediction
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and Big Data for HR

Data Science is a great tool to develop unique solutions for HR analytics based on Machine Learning and Big Data. Such solutions can substantially decrease hiring costs, optimise recruitment process, anonymise evaluation methods for candidates' hard and soft skills, as well as help prevent issues related to manual CV screening and candidate applications processing.
Sample Data Science solutions for Human Resources:
CV screening process optimization
Faster detection of the most matching candidates
Automated selection based on personality types (look-alike model)
Estimating probability of employee resignation and preventing employee burnout
Employee retention plan
Chatbot development for answering typical questions from employees (salary days, instructions, colleagues' contact information, etc.)
Career recommendations development for employees: vertical and horizontal mobility of employees
While working with strong candidates, it is crucial to make a job offer ahead of competitors. Predictive analytics for HR can significantly help here. Machine Learning based solution automatically filters all of the received CVs, conducts a multi-dimensional evaluation of a candidate and provides an automatic report on their skills. This solution applies the methodology of social scoring based on Artificial Intelligence.

Social media profiles
(Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.)
Internet profiles (e.g. Google)
CVs on online recruitment websites
Web browsing history
Deep objective analysis of internal and external data
Shorter candidate evaluation and selection
Multi-dimensional candidate evaluation: selection based on personality type and previous working experience
No need to fill out candidate applications manually and conduct offline personality type testing
Less issues related to manual CV screening and applications processing
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