Hire virtual team of Top IT talents with Fayrix

Fayrix helps tech companies to build a remote dedicated team of developers or to expand an existing one. Using a network of over 30k verified contractors from CIS countries we are ready to complete the task in 1 week.

Win the fight for the best developers

Using freelancer platforms like Upwork or Freelancer is akin to gambling. Lack of quality talent, bad code, missed deadlines, lost time and money — it needs to end. It's time for something simple that lets you focus on executing your vision quickly. So we've filtered through thousands of developers globally to find only the top-tier engineers that know how to get your product launched. Developers we work with have been strongly vetted not just by us, but other venture-funded startups.
The best engineers
Fayrix provides the best teams across Russia, Israel and Eastern Europe. We recruit around 20% of the best talent.
Fast team building
On average, we take only 1-3 weeks to build a development team for you, including a wide variety of interviews and tests.
Best cost-quality ratio
Fayrix offers the best price-cost ratio around. You can save up to 40% on development costs while still maintaining high quality.
Quality guarantees
We don't use freelancers — we only use full-time team members and provide a clear understanding of developers' tasks, costs, and time usage.
Access the candidates
Start to work
Discuss your request
Before any project we investigate business and technology challenges to form a dedicated team strategy. Our team provides continuous support to help you scale your team.
We offers a variety of support services: from infrastructure management, to co-governance and consulting.
How Fayrix Virtual Dedicated Development Teams work
Set up a free intro call with us. We explore your business and technology issues to form a special team strategy.
We select the best matching candidates from the pool of 30k high quality IT professionals and arrange an interview. Fayrix provide continuous support to help you scale your team.
We offer a variety of support services: from infrastructure management, to co-governance and consulting. Fayrix helps in contract signing and invoicing for you. We offer suitable business model or a mixture of the options and start to work!
How much will my team cost?
Just answer 3 questions about your project to get an instant monthly cost estimate for running your team with Fayrix. Instant Results Delivered to Your Inbox
Our teams competences
Web and mobile development
  • Backend (Java, Go, PHP, Node,js, Ruby, C#, Python)
  • Front-end (React, Angular, Vue)
  • Mobile (Kotlin, Swift, Java, Objective-C, React Native, Flutter, Xamarin)
  • CMS (WordPress, Joomia, ModX, Shopify)
BI and data analysis
UI/UX design
Machine Learning, AI
  • Chat-bots, NLP, NLU, NLG
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Fraud detection and other solutions
  • Customer churn prediction
  • Sales & demand prediction
  • Recommendation systems
  • Computer vision
  • Design concept development
  • Drawing project design layout
  • Development of logos, corporate identity and brand book
Quality assurance
  • Quality Audit
  • Tool Identification and selection
  • Training of Quality Standards and Processes
Services for startups
Product & Project management
  • Analysis of customer business requirements, documentation
  • Product Concept Development
  • Usability audits
  • Business Process Optimization
  • Project Management by Agile or Waterfall Methodologies
  • Organization of processes in accordance with the work plan
  • Development of project schedules Budgeting projects
  • Creating wireframes and MVP
  • Further feature development
  • Code refactoring
  • Full-fledged development
  • Financial, PR, IR and marketing

Technological stack

When partnering with development company, you want to make sure that their expertise can be trusted, and that it fully matches your domain and project goals. Fayrix offers you a team of more than 1,500 IT programmers, each of whom is not only theoretically but practically experienced in all the latest software development techniques and programming languages. We are able to cover a full range of custom development services — from idea validation to deployment of full-fledged product using technologies including:

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