Legal Services for Startups and Small Businesses

Fayrix is a startup consulting legal services company created to help you deal with all legal issues when starting your business. We will keep you away from non-compliance fines and reputation risks.

We can take full responsibility for all legal hassles in case you decide to build an offshore R&D center with us.

Legal Services for Startups and Growing Companies

Fayrix team has more than 10 years of experience with legal services in the startup ecosystem. We understand the intricacies of technology businesses and have an expertise in building dedicated virtual teams worldwide. We built a system of startups legal services consulting, relying on our professional experience.
Employment matters
We help companies prepare all kinds of offer letters, employee confidentiality documents, inventions, and independent contractor services agreements to help employees feel safe.
Intellectual property matters
Employee relocation
We prepare all the forms to help you protect your intellectual property. Nondisclosure agreements (NDA), intellectual property assignments from founders to the company, and other important agreements.
We can help you with relocation issues, from creating and negotiating agreements with employees to legal advisory within the country to which the person will move.

Terms of Use & Privacy Policies
We can help you to build protection for your company and customers with all law requirements. If any dispute arises about using someone's information, a privacy policy may provide liability insurance.
Regulatory compliance consulting
Board Advisory
Among the other range of law services for startups, we can consult you on compliance with the laws of the country in which your R&D office will be opened.
We can advise you on your business plan, offer ways for your business model modernization and sources of additional revenue streams.

Full-cycle Legal Services for Offshore R&D Centers Development

Over the years, Fayrix has advised many startups and entrepreneurs on teams and R&D business formation and growth. We know no startup is the same, so you can choose the options from our R&D and startup legal services that fit your needs best.
Tax Planning
Legalization of Foreigners
Intellectual Property Law
Visa Support
Contract Law
M&A Deals Support
Real Estate & Negotiations
Labor Law

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We at Fayrix have good knowledge in legal services for small businesses. However, it's not the only sphere where we have expertise. We are highly experienced int design, software development and augmentation services, and ready to share our 10 years of knowledge with you.
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Why choose Fayrix

Fayrix DevOps, as a service provider for startups, have a startup-centric team that shares our clients' ideas and vision.
We want you to have direct feedback about the product. Clear communication is a key solution to reduce work time and be on the same wavelength.
We guarantee to build top-quality products within all requirements. Our expertise is confirmed by clients' testimonials and multiple Clutch awards
We know your budget may be tightened and offer you affordable, budget-friendly, and innovative solutions that will help you grow more costs.
High quality
Professionals with relevant experience
Full transparency
Cost-effective development
Frequently Asked Questions
What type of contract is the best to work with remote employees?
There are 3 ways to hire remote employees: (1) as an employee (the only difference is that the location of work will not be specified), (2) as an employee through a third party (EOR) that will act as an Employer and sign a local employment contract with you on behalf of the company, (3) As a contractor (B2B), but in that case an employee need to set up his own business through which he can pay taxes and social security. So the best option will be to hire remote employees through a third party company which will provide you with guarantees.
Can I hire your lawyer to join our in-house team?
Yes, our lawyer can support your team remotely.
Is the drafting of a Privacy and Confidentiality Agreement needed?
It depends on the terms of cooperation, but we advise to sign a contract for work in any case.
When do you trademark?
In many cases, a business will want to start the trademark application as soon as their LLC or corporation paperwork is filed. By filing for a trademark prior to launch, you can be sure that your name is protected once you begin commercial sales. However, there may be an even stronger reason to apply early.

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