IT Staff Augmentation Services For Startups

Make your development process faster and cheaper with resource augmentation services from Fayrix. We can complement your team with the best IT specialists immediately.
IT Staff Augmentation Services to boost your team's capabilities
Often the success of your project depends on the speed and professionalism of the developers. As a company that provides staff augmentation services for startups, we know how to empower existing businesses with the best IT engineers.

Short delivery time and filled-in resource gaps are not the only benefits of the staff augmentation model in comparison to in-house recruitment. While extending your in-house team, you spend your resources on hiring, onboarding, and testing the expertise of employees. But with staff augmentation services, you choose your future specialists between our 1500+ TOP developers who can start work on your project in a couple of days without any onboarding and expertise testing.

Fayrix staff augmentation services

Fayrix has 12+ years of experience of work with a variety of startups. We provide augmented staff solutions for growing companies to increase their productivity and profit by adding extra talents to the team on an on-demand basis.

We help startup businesses avoid bad hiring experiences and offer a pool of already selected dedicated developers who want to get your product launched.
  • Workflow processes
    Augment your team with engineers for co-development or development from scratch in 1-3 weeks:
    • discuss your request;
    • access the candidates;
    • start to work.
  • Reduced development cost
    Develop your product faster with on-demand team extension. This is a perfect solution for effective time and money management, downtime minimization, and final project success.
  • Talent pool
    As an IT staff augmentation provider, Fayrix has looked for years through talented developers, experienced in advanced technologies. We offer you to hire the best specialists who meet your requirements.
  • Time zone and cultural diversity
    We can easily build a dedicated team located in your time zone so that you don't have any problems with working hours or a culture and project context.
  • Developers proficiency
    Small and medium-sized enterprises can boost their projects and increase project flexibility with the knowledge of extended team members.
  • Software development models
    We build our work on the Scrum development model. We orchestrate every step of our dedicated developers so that your project succeeds.
How much our teams cost?
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Case studies

SkyGuru is a one-of-its-kind application that helps travelers with flight anxiety feel safer and calmer on board. The app catches all the sounds you may hear while in the sky and explains to the users what's going with your aircraft right now.

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Pocket Doctor
This application is a modern response to the current healthcare challenges. Its main task is to connect doctors and patients via videoconferencing. While the idea behind the project isn't new, our collaborative research, proof of concept, and winning prototyping made the solution demanded and popular in the target market.

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Binomix Connect
Development of the Binomix.connect integration platform that enables automated analysis of medical images based on artificial intelligence. The platform implements continuous improvement of diagnostic parameters through machine learning.

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IT staff augmentation alternatives

Besides on-demand team augmentation services for startups, Fayrix offers a couple more formats of cooperation with SMEs.
Full-time employees
All team members are fully and exclusively occupied with your project - this is best for software developers, analysts, and QA engineers. You will face no recruitment troubles or administrative hassle.
Time & materials
Part-time team members, such as DevOps, designers, or data analysts. For customers who need to extend the existing production team & intensify project implementation at a reasonable price.
Target team formation with subsequent relocation to the client-side. We create a separate legal unit, manage it, build all the processes, and then transfer it to the client side.

Advantages of Fayrix staff augmentation services

Fayrix provides business-centric approaches to double the project's speed and reduce costs. We can find any specifically skilled developers with certified knowledge of a technology or product stack. We aim to help small companies grow and scale profit with the Fayrix staff augmentation company.
Fastest hiring process
Don't spend weeks and months on the hiring process. Allocate your resources to the project development, and we will find demanded specialists in 1–3 weeks.
High-skilled developers
Quality guarantees
Full legal support
We have a base with top talented & responsible engineers in the market. They are tested and qualified, so you can trust and lean on their working experience.
As a staff augmentation firm for small businesses, Fayrix ensures the security of your intellectual property, the employees' responsibility, and the polish of operational & administrative processes.
We don't offer you to hire freelancers, but only full-time team members, who are ready to work on their new tasks within your project.

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