MVP Development Services For Startups and Small Businesses

When developing a project, it is crucial to understand from the very beginning whether potential customers need it. MVP creation services for startups will help you prove the product's value without extra efforts and expenses.

Why build an MVP?

MVP is a minimally viable product that helps startup businesses test their hypotheses and select those with more potential to succeed. Moreover, it's a base for future product development, highlighting every detail.

MVP software development services for small businesses help create raw products to test technologies and their relevance. The MVP approach allows testing the idea without extra spending while collecting the initial user feedback & data. Such a strategy allows attracting more attention from investors
Validate your idea

Check if your idea is vital and demanded on the market by developing an MVP. Work on your product step by step.
Deploy faster

Providing an MVP helps build the base of the future product. A clear plan and foundation will help develop and launch it faster.
Cut development costs

Building and testing an MVP will help see which features are not needed for users and which should be added right away.
Pivot instantly on user's feedback
Adjust the product according to the first early adopters' reviews. This helps to save time and money on the development process.
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Fayrix MVP services

For 12 years, the Fayrix team has worked with startups and provided MVP development services for growing companies. We are a fully functional software development team focused on your product's success. We can build a team of the best developers in just two weeks, and it will meet all your requirements.

Besides the building and management of software development teams, we provide additional services for startups.
Each minimum viable product development for startups includes a consulting and discussion process. If you have any difficulties related to legal issues or market data, our team will help.
MVP design
End-to-end MVP development services
A well-thought-out CJM guarantees a high user acquisition rate. Making a business- and user-centric prototype for an MVP design helps attract more users and investment in the product.
Fayrix is able to plan the minimum functionality and implement required features, matching the business needs to the MVP in the most cost-effective way.

Case studies

Why build an MVP with Fayrix

Building an MVP gives a lot of opportunities: you can launch a clickable UI prototype, test it on the market, and get real users' data. Moreover, with MVP development services for startups, it is easier to get funding from the seed investor.

With Fayrix as your MVP development company, you can get rid of hiring and developing expenses, save time and concentrate just on the business growth.

High expertise and relevant experience

Good value product development

Fast launch of the product

We have access to over 1,500 of the best worldwide engineers and can make a team for a project in just two weeks.
Fayrix provides clients with the best teams and engineers. Each project has experienced specialists in its niche to achieve the best results.
MVP software engineering for startups at Fayrix offers the best price-cost ratio so that you can save up to 40% on development costs.

Business-oriented approaches

High-quality coding

Fayrix developers use cutting-edge technologies. For 12 years, we have been proving our competence and enhancing the software development process for startups.
The majority of our experience is lying within the startup community. That is why we have our own concepts for startups: development, teams, ideas, and vision.

Full control & transparency

MVP as a service also includes constant tracking of results. At any time, you can check the status of tasks and the stage of product development.

Our MVP Development Process

At Fayrix, we can make UI & UX design, wireframing and prototyping, as well as provide development, testing, and consulting services.
When you request Fayrix's services, we study your business and select the relevant team leader. Next, we determine the team's composition and plan further immersion in the project. MVP product development process includes all the stages the same as other products.

Discovery phase

First, we explore your business to form a special team strategy. We collect analytics and define a key idea—what problem or task your product solves. Also, study your ICPs and competitors that already exist in the market.

CJM & prototyping

MVP development & launch

Using the research data and business requirements, we create a Customer Journey Map. In this step, we understand whether there are parts of information that we're missing and create a UX prototype.
Startup MVP development services are the groundwork for a full-featured product development process in the future. We develop main functions that will allow the testing of market hypotheses.

Post-launch & feedback collection

We make the first product launch for a narrow group of consumers, collect feedback, and analyze test results. After fixing all the bugs, we offer the product to a wider audience.

Continuous product development

Maintenance and support

After we collected enough data and feedback from our users, we refine the MVP and test it again. This ongoing process continues until our client is ready to scale the product.
With MVP for startups service, we always offer after-launch support to improve the product's quality and retain end-users.

Cooperation models

Full-time employees
All team members are fully and exclusively occupied with your project - this is best for software developers, analysts, and QA engineers. You will face no recruitment troubles or administrative hassle.
Time & materials
Part-time team members, such as DevOps, designers, or data analysts. For customers who need to extend the existing production team & intensify project implementation at a reasonable price.
Target team formation with subsequent relocation to the client-side. We create a separate legal unit, manage it, build all the processes, and then transfer it to the client side.

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