Fayrix Feedback Platform

An advanced reputation management and customer research platform to collect customer feedback and run instant polls
There are 2 sources of Competitive Advantage:
1. Learn about your customers faster than your competitors
2. Put that learning into practice faster than your competitors
— Jack Welsh, GE Capital


Collecting customer feedback
Online cross-platform polls & customer research
Automated feedback processing
NPS monitoring
of the Platform
Fayrix Feedback Platform helps to utilize large enterprise arrays of data for building meaningful analytical reports and forecasting future events.
Smart targeting based on user profiles and behaviour (incl. participation in previous polls)
Cross-platform coverage: iOS and Android mobile apps, SMS/USSD services, a website
Integration with loyalty programs to incentivize customers to actively participate in polls and researches
Wide customisation and branding options
Flexible feedback processing settings
Advanced analytical tools
Adding pictures and geo tag while submitting a complain/request
Just 45 minutes to create a survey
Integration with corporate IT environment, including CRM systems for increased speed and quality of feedback processing

Businesses and governmental organisations have been experiencing tremendous social networks pressure for the last 10+ years. Negative experience that a customer got with a certain worker is very often extended to the whole company or brand and the related negative feedback can spread with a supersonic speed. On the other hand, social media is often the only way for customers to be heard. Under these circumstances, online reputation management has become one of the most crucial factors of competition.

Fayrix FEEDBACK PLATFORM helps companies channel negative customer feedback into positive business transformation.

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