Fayrix Partner Program

Fayrix Partner Program is aimed at IT companies, independent sales people and IT recruiters.

Fayrix Partner Program

Unique opportunities for technology companies, active sales agents and IT recruiters.Benefit from becoming an authorised partner of the world's largest IT outsourcing companies today!

Resource partner program

Fayrix Resource Program is aimed at technology companies, who need guarantees in urgent staffing or attracting highly-specialised IT professionals to their projects. Becoming an official Fayrix Resource partner guarantees that we will provide 3 relevant and experienced candidates in 3 days upon a partner's request.
10 % BONUS
Each new member of Fayrix Resource Partner Program gets a complimentary bonus of $1000. Additionally, we pay 10% of each invoice back to client's personal account as bonus dollars. They can be used to pay up to 50% of client's outstanding invoices.
Our team unites IT professionals, covering 30+ software development technologies with proven track record. Fayrix employes a number of IT PhDs, Kaggle Masters and Grandmaster.
Fayrix makes transparent business in full compliance with the international law, supported by legally verified agreements, which are subject to negotiation, if necessary.
We guarantee providing at least 3 relevant candidates with relevant experience in just 3 business days upon our partner's request.

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Agent partner program

Fayrix welcomes new sales agents who are ready to start offering our services and will be happy to reward them depending on the deal size that has become possible because of them.
Fayrix offers a particular services of high quality to generate immediate revenues. We support our agents with all relevant trainings and sales kits.
Stronger reputation
Fayrix commits to provide the highest level of software development services. Offering our services, you can feel safe in relation to your reputation of a reliable partner.
Top development team
As Fayrix sales agent, you will represent one of the largest software development houses in the world with over 1500 top IT talents.
Fayrix Agent

HR partner program

Our HR Partner program is a must for any IT-recruiter with direct access to one of the world's largest pools of IT talents, covering over 30 technologies. You won't have to invest your time and energy in searching and interviewing even highly-specific professionals. We guarantee 3 relevant CVs in 3 day, as well as your commission per every employed employee.
Faster recruitment process
We offer any specialization of IT talents: data scientists, QA engineers, front- and back-end developers, architects, UX/UI designers, tech writers and others.
We will provide you with all of our developers' CVs and set up interviews whenever it is convenient for you and your clients.
Flexible terms of employment
The engagement resources can be allocated under any condition, convenient for your clients - from a short-term employment to a full-time projects.
Access to the TOP IT TALENTS
Fayrix has 10 R&D centers across Eastern Europe with over 1500 full-time employees with our recruitment processes well-established for maximum speed and efficiency.
HR Partner
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