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Fayrix Digital Health Platform

24/7 online consulting with a doctor through secure and private chats
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Savings on financial losses due to epidemics
Reducing the duration of hospital periods
Monitoring and analysis of user's health data
Professional recommendations for improving health
User access to quality healthcare resources
Reducing the cost of voluntary medical insurance
Fayrix Digital Health Platform is an advanced solution ensuring the availability of professional online consultations with doctors and automated analysis of statistics on user's health. The platform includes 4 key solution components:
1. Personal patient profile
2. Doctor workplace
3. Interfaces for partners
4. Analytical and recommendation system
The platform is implemented in the format of a mobile application for users and a web office for doctors and company management.

Personal patient profile
key features

Personal patient profile is an electronic document that contains all the information about a person's health. The data can be added to the records by either the attending physician or the patient himself.
Contact information
Basic health information (completed by the user)
Diagnostics and test results
Health diaries – vital signs records
Medical history (completed and processed by a specialist)

Doctor workplace
key features

The platform provides city schools with access to the best educational content, as well as the ability to create and distribute their own educational materials.
Library of educational content
Opportunities for publishers
API for quick integration with existing systems of e-diaries
Virtual labs to study specific aspects of the subject
Variety types of educational content: video, AR/VR etc.
Tools for teachers to create and share lesson plans

Interfaces for partners
key features

The system is designed to automate collection, storing and analysis of information about students from different education institutions: from pre-school to public schools and extended education organizations.
Evaluations and achievements throughout the entire period of study
Health data, medical constrains
Control of financing of educational institutions
Monitoring and analytics of availability of educational resources
Automatic distribution of children waiting in institutions, taking into account various factors
Ratings and achievements throughout the study period

Analytics and recommendations
key features

School attendance control is implemented through synchronization with electronic pass. Support of lesson-by-lesson attendance marks. Catering control is linked through child's credit card with parents' account.
Cashless payments
Built-in analytics and monitoring tools
Integration with external billing systems
SMS and push-notifications to parents when their child enters and leaves school
Parents' access to view catering card balance and child's diet
Cross-platform (iOS, Android, web-application, desktop)

Fayrix Digital Helath Platform main goal is to implement preventive health diagnostics and reduce the risk of diseases due to the accumulation of the users' health data.

Fayrix DIGITAL HEALTH PLATFORM will allow to keep pace with the times and will help to bring education process to a new digital level. Interested? Request quotation now!