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Leave us a message. We'll get back to you within 1 business day.

Another feather in the cap! Fayrix has been announced as one of the Top Wordpress Development companies by TopDevelopers.co

Fayrix feels proud and honored to proclaim that we are named as a top WordPress Development firm in a press release by TopDevelopers.co, a reputed review and rating platform of IT service providers. The team Fayrix is always noted for the exceptional works and effortless execution technology that brings a great value to the businesses across the world. We take the pride of being one of the pioneers in web and software development who can the bend the rod for the clients through all the means possible and offer what will work irrespective of the trends and dogmas.

Wordpress is the most popular website development framework in the world, powering 30% of all websites which are available on the internet. Wordpress has brought a paradigm shift in web development. The platform allows developers to make beautiful, highly customized websites by using thousands of themes available specifically for Wordpress development. This is the reason that the efficient wordpress developers across the globe have the platform as their priority to develop a website as required.

Apart from the themes, Wordpress allows smooth integration of various plugins which enable features such as security and analytics on your website. Fayrix has always believed in keeping at the forefront of development in the custom website development arena. This is the reason that we identified the potential of Wordpress and took special care that our team was always one of the best teams in the area of Wordpress development. The fact that TopDevelopers has chosen us as a Top Wordpress developer stands testament to our commitment towards learning new technologies faster than our competitors.

Fayrix started operations in 2005, and we have not looked back since then. Continuing our quest for customer satisfaction we have assembled one of the largest entourages of IT talent in Eastern Europe. Our current headcount stands at 1530. We have our headquarters in Israel while we have spread our wings far and wide right from the USA and Canada in North America to Peru, Colombia, and Brazil in Latin America.

Law, Medical equipment manufacturer, Airlines, dairy, urban planning these are just some of the industries with whom we have worked and created excellent products. Working with such a varied set of clientele has broadened our horizons and expanded our knowledge, which enables us in helping other companies from the same industries.
Our work portfolio would be a better place to assess our talents.

We have access to some of the top IT talents of the world who are working in collaboration with us at 10 R&D centers across Russia and CIS countries. Want to know more cool things about us? Then visit the Fayrix's profile on TopDevelopers.co.
Apart from building excellent websites using Wordpress, we offer other services like Big Data Analytics, Machine Learning, custom software development, and mobile app development.

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