Fayrix Software Development and Project Management

Fayix key cooperation principles
Your project fully belongs to you and your Intellectual Property right are yours.We guarantee to full source code transfer. We will help you with filing patents, if necessary.
Without your prior approval,we won't use any tools or technologies, which you won't be able to support yourself or pay for after the project is completed.
We don't do trick with the source code.If you decide to maintain and develop the project further without us, we guarantee that any developer, qualified enough, will be able to take the project over.
You get a dedicated manager from Fayrix who will dive deep into your project to avoid any frustration from discussing the same things or requirement with new people every time
We will keep you engaged into the project and decision-making to the extent, you would like. If desired, we can invite you to regular Sprint planning, review and retrospective meetings.
Our people will speak your language - weather you understand IT terminology or not, we will make sure that you understand us.
We will foresee, estimate and communicate project risks to you.
We use an automated web-based time sheets to track budget spendings.
And finally, what's the most important, our top priority is your satisfaction.
What our clients say about working with Fayrix
Project Management. How do we start?
We are very flexible in terms of methodology. We work under Agile Kanban and Scrum frameworks or under any state or industry-specific standards.
Our typical project management scheme allows you to achieve the fastest project launch, presenving functional requirements and initially negotiated terms & costs of the project.
Fayrix <=> Client project engagement
A dedicated project manager
A part-time account manager

Both available 8/5 through IM, phone or email.
Fayrix project manager is responsible for correct understanding of functional requirements and delivery of expected results.
A dedicated project manager

Your project manager is responsible for scoping and the initial definition of the functional requirements. Fayrix can help with these, if necessary.
We start any project with prelimilary analysis of any project requirements you have. Once the requirement are clear enough, Fayrix the development team will estimate and detail the project implementation costs and deadlines within 3 business days. After your approval and "go-ahead", we prepare a development agreement, sign it and start the project with the deep business analysis and Technical Specification development.
Typical project. Execution plan
Production integration
Post-development technical support and maintenance
Full code transfer
Preparatory steps
Before the development starts our analysts, technical writers, team leads prepare essential project documentation. The main purpose here is to make the project result 100% defined and transparent to both you and us. Mutual understanding is 80% of any project success.
Statement of work (SOW)
Project initiation documentation (project charter, list of stakeholder)
Project plan
Functional specification development
Test plans
Key design and prototyping practices
We start design works with a deep project analysis, which includes:

  • drafting overall structure and functionality design: a mind map and flow diagrams.
  • analysing the product target audience: defining its structure, writing user stories and job stories.

The results of these preliminary steps are used for further UX and UI design.

We prefer designing in Sketch for mobile and web projects. Eventually we create wireframes using Marverapp. We use Zeplin as a collaboration tool between designers and developers, to cut the project for web or mobile coding.

We usually provide 3 different design concepts to choose from. The development of the whole project design only starts after the overall concept is approved by you.
Key Development Practices
Fayrix has a long-term principles of code quality, based on Agile and incremental software development methodologies. We use Scrum to develop required product functionality efficiently. Jira is our main agile tool to work under Scrum. Build-in tools for working with epics, user stories, sprints, scrum-boards makes project team work much easier and allows them to make use of all Scrum advantages. To extend Jira feature, we use Confluence by the "Atlassian" for project cooperation. Confluence allows integrated convenient control for the whole software development process. Our key development practices:

  • We break the project plan down to Epics > Stories and Tasks in Jira or Redmine. We can work in any other task tracking system per your request.
  • As we prefer working under Scrum, we plan epics for two-week sprints with intermediate acceptance testing.
  • We arrange weekly Skype calls with a detailed report from Fayrix project manager on the current development stage, ongoing project budget and "plan-fact" ratio.
  • Fayrix Project Manager is responsible for maintaining project plan regularly updated with 3 days of maximum delay in updates. The project plan is usually hosted in MS Project, Google Docs or MS Excel.
No project deliverable is considered completed and delivered, until your fully accept it.
Key DevOps Practices
Fayrix commits to keep up with the latest software development market trends, tools and technologies. Our most esential popular DevOps practices include:

  • Source code management.
  • Continuous integration.
  • Continuous delivery.
  • Automated testing. We run unit test, integration tests and system tests to test project functional requirements. To test non-functional requirements, Fayrix uses performance tests and security tests
  • Configuration Management, Infrastructure as a Code, Applications performance management.

Here are our most popular DevOps tools and technologies: GitLab, Jenkins, GitLabCI/JenkinsCI, Docker, Docker Compose, Docker Swarm, Kubernetes, Ansible, Nexus, Selenium, Selenide, Cucumber, JMeter, Zabbix and others.
Key QA Practices
FUT Functional Unit Testing

IIT Interface Integration Testing

Dry Run E2E A string of FUT's, done in the developer environment
FTT Functional Technical Testing

E2E Same as the dry-run, but in the QA environment

UAT User Acceptance Testing
Our Projects
Head of Mobile Applications Development
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