Still unsure what to choose — outsourcing or in-house production?
To give you an idea when and how you can benefit from working with an IT contractor, we have compiled the main advantages of IT outsourcing below.

When Is It Beneficial to Outsource?

A project is out of your expertise
Say, your company develops enterprise accounting software and you have quite a number of valuable clients in this industry. One of the clients asks you to develop a mobile app for them, but this is not what you specialize in. Learning and trying may be too long, expensive and even dangerous for your reputation, in case the client is not satisfied with the work and decides to leave you. Choose to outsource and keep your clients safe.
Lack of qualified management
When you don't have enough qualified management resources to take control of the army of QA engineers and developers, who you need to produce your product. Poor IT management may result in doubled production costs. To avoid this, you'd better outsource production with pre-defined costs and guaranteed risk level.
Want to bring innovation
IT outsourcing agencies usually have an impressive project portfolio. If the contactor works with a number of clients, the only way to retain and satisfy them all is to use cutting-edge technologies. This means that such people are qualified and can bring the latest approaches and technologies to your employees, thus increasing overall innovation level in your company.
Face an issue of quickly-rotating staff
For example, your support engineers leave company in just a year, however it takes them 3 months to learn internal processes only. In this case it is better to outsource, because your outsourcing partner will take care of their personnel learning, onboarding and assure works with zero downtime.
You need a one-time job
Assume, you need to roll out a new server software. You don't want to hire a full-time expensive specialist, who will only perform this task. You will either have to switch him to other regular tasks or fire afterwards, having invested in his recruiting, onboarding and learning. Outsourcing such task is a way to go.
You urgently need a particular specialist
For instance, while implementing a project, the scope of work unexpectedly increased or one of your key employees left you. To be able to meet the deadline, you urgently need a particular highly-qualified specialist in your team. As a rule it is time-consuming and sometimes tricky to recruit a real talent. Virtual software development team will be a great support in this situation. You ask for a particular developer with proven project expertise and occupy him as much and as long as you need.

IT outsourcing. Pros & Cons

Impact on company culture and staff motivation
Savings on labor costs
Lack of control
Reduced overheads
(savings on IT infrastructure support, data security, licensed software purchase, staff training and development)
Communication issues
Managed risks
Unpredictable quality
Possibility to select particular employees to work with
Development of internal staff
Quick access to the most skillful professionals
Savings on recruiting
Why Fayrix?
Fayrix Software is a young brand, emerged in a chain of merges and acquisitions in 2017, but we actually started our IT business back in 2005, having accumulated one of the largest IT human resource capital in Eastern Europe. We are 100% flexible and can offer our client from renting a single specific developer to building a whole offshore development center.
Fayrix has been specifically created to bring IT innovation to traditional commercial processes of IT companies. Because we are 100% online in terms of sales and marketing, Fayrix does not have any travel, representative or rental costs. This saves our budgets and lets us offer the most competitive rates, preserving the highest level of services provided, again confirming that Fayrix is the most innovative and digitally-advanced project.

At the same time, cooperating with Fayrix does not incur the same risks as working with a freelancer. All our processes are well-established, developers are properly-managed, motivated, comfortable with their colleagues and friends in office every day.
Fayrix Case Studies
Fayrix has a long history of helping clients create successful solutions with dedicated teams. Let's review some of our cases.
SCR Diary
SCR Dairy is a worldwide leader in cow monitoring and herd management solutions. We've helped them to gather a team of Java, Spring, Angular, and Python specialists to create SenseHub – a new solution that would monitor the animal's health and gather various statistics, including the reproduction and milking results.

Learn more
Developing an educational portal for traders: website on Wordpress with own Learning Management System, optimization of the bootstrap based pages. Implementation of the stock price display function in the Assets section.

Learn more
SkyGuru is a unique startup meant to explain and educate plane passengers on what's going on with their flight at any given moment. They needed help gathering a team that would implement this idea, which boiled down to using Android and iOS smartphone sensors to measure and calculate various helpful data with its visualization on the screen.

Learn more
Director of Fayrix Israel

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Fayrix is 100% flexible and can offer our client services from renting a single specific developer or form a dedicated agile offshore software development team to building a whole offshore development center.
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