EdTech and Digital Education expertise

Fayrix is a software development company with vast amounts of experience in the digital education sector. With over 10 years of e-education and e-learning experience, we are able to offer you a sublime service for the creation or acceleration of your digital education project.

The Fayrix team has not only a thorough understanding of educational processes and methodology, but also a huge amount of experience with mobile & web development, data analysis, machine learning AI and more, including their application to educational projects.

More than 3 million people worldwide use educational products created by Fayrix, and we are proud to provide them with a high-quality educational experience that funds development and enriches lives.
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The Fayrix EdTech verticals
We have experience with all kinds of ed-tech projects and have implemented the following:
Digital education platforms for online & offline classes
Electronic textbooks and educational content
Gamification in EdTech
Machine learning and AI for educational processes
Lifelong education tracks
Psychological techniques for digital education
Personal educational tracks
Benefits of using Fayrix for EdTech projects
  • Experience with the development of content for educational programs, in addition to the selection of educational methodologies.
  • Ability to apply a wide range of technologies to the educational sector.
  • Cooperation with teachers, in effort to attain better results.
  • A multinational understanding of educational systems.
Our educational products
    Machine learning STARTUP
    machine learning selection of training materials
    Client: Siloam Technologies, Singapore,
    is a startup, which focuses on the deployment of machine learning and deep learning technologies to transform the educational experience.

    Scope: Development of a multi-platform educational application, in which learning takes place through various quizzes that are able to adapt their complexity to the student's level using artificial intelligence. Fayrix's team has developed a portal for the creation of courses, in addition to a web client and a mobile training application.

    Java, React.js Kotlin, Swift.
    Dedicated development team
    digital education platform
    Client: Municipality of a major Russian city (NDA).

    Scope: Development of a digital educational platform for a European megapolis. The platform is an advanced solution that will manage the whole educational cycle in schools. The platform includes 4 key models: an educational content management system, a control system for catering and attendance, a record for teaching staff, and an eDiary for students.

    Technologies: C-language, Python.
    Dedicated development team
    Client: MindFactory.

    Scope: Development of an educational content marketplace that provides centralized access to content from different learning management systems. The solution includes a constructor of educational materials, which allows its users to:

    • Create different types of educational materials (e.g. a test, a quiz or an interactive game) for every piece of information.
    • Export created materials in universal formats (e.g. SCORM, cmi 5), allowing to apply those materials to most existing LMS.
    • Collect and accumulate feedback on the completion of assignments, and to create a recommendation service that allows for the individualisation of a child's educational trajectory.

    Technologies: Java, PostgreSQL, ClickHouse, AngularJS 9.
    Dedicated development team STARTUP
    Game-Learning Platform
    Client: The Hippo Fedot Academy.

    Scope: Development of a multi-user online platform, targeted at pupils, teachers, and parents.
    The platform enables the extra-curricular study of school subjects, and adapts to the students' level.
    The educational process is gamified, which maintains the focus of the students for longer. The goal-setting system also creates additional incentives for acquiring knowledge.

    Java, PostgreSQL, ClickHouse, AngularJS 9.
    Dedicated development team STARTUP
    Client: Revoleto, Hong Kong, financial broker for LATAM countries. Implements educational courses for traders around the world.

    Scope: Development of the website on Wordpress with own Learning Management System, optimization of the bootstrap based pages. Implementation of the stock price display function in the Assets section.

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